Friday, October 16, 2009

ValleyRide provides informative updates on twitter, Facebook

Drake Cooper's creative department recently handed off some new social media signs to Valley Regional Transit for placement on its ValleyRide bus fleet.

The signs indicate ValleyRide's handle on Twitter and Facebook so bus riders can get the latest updates and news. It's really easy ... it's "ValleyRide" in both locations. On Facebook, the ValleyRide fan page can be found via a quick search.

So why would you want to connect with ValleyRide in the social media? Regular bus riders will appreciate receiving ValleyRide posts about last-minute changes in service regarding its bus routes. Sometimes traffic accidents occur, for example, causing the bus to run late on particular routes. ValleyRide also provides regular posts about how consumers can save money by leaving their car at home and riding the bus instead. What are the savings and the benefits? What are the environmental benefits? Check out the ValleyRide twitter and Facebook sites to learn more.

Maybe you'd like to engage in a conversation with ValleyRide fans on Facebook about the relative merits of the transit system. Or, you'd like to compare notes about our future transit needs in the Treasure Valley. People are welcome to write a post on ValleyRide's wall on Facebook to start that type of conversation.

You'll also see posts about upcoming board meetings for Valley Regional Transit (VRT), the regional transportation authority that operates ValleyRide, and opportunities to comment on potential bus route changes. The Highway 44 route from Middleton and Eagle to Boise was being contemplated for termination recently because of budget cuts in the city of Eagle. But after a number of citizens requested that the bus service be retained, VRT officials found a way to keep the route intact, thanks to additional funds from the City of Boise and Boise State University.

After the social media signage went up on ValleyRide buses, the number of twitter followers and FB fans has increased. We hope that continues.

For more information, see or connect with ValleyRide on twitter and Facebook.

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